Saturday, September 9, 2017

About Hurricane Irma

Our son, Clay, is a freshman in college in Tampa, Florida. Yes, he is still down there. He is staying on campus with the other students, dorm parents, and staff, and they will be hunkered down.

Jimmy and I have gone over this in our minds and out loud a thousand times.
(Do we tell him to start driving north?--Our home is 12 hours away. Do we leave him down there? Do we let my daddy or Jimmy's uncle go get him?--they offered because we were out of town when the window of opportunity for evacuation was still open.)

The school has been sending us lengthy, detailed email updates twice a day. They have a plan. They have food and water to last an extended period of time. They have safe places (in the basements of the concrete walled dorms) for the students to be in during the storm. Clay has a full tank of gasoline in his car, water and food in his dorm room, and a charged flashlight. The school will be serving meals to the students inside their dorms beginning tomorrow so they can stay put. We have stressed to Clay to follow all directions.

Tampa is not currently in a mandatory evacuation zone. I have some friends who live in Tampa, and they have been making preparations all week, but they are staying home.
I am now following the Tampa weatherman, Denis Phillips, on FB. This is my main source of accurate weather news for the Tampa area.

And we are praying. Lots of praying. Not only for Clay, but for all affected by Irma.


  1. We're joining you praying for all the people in Florida. I hadn't thought about college students--that has to be pretty stressful as a mama, especially with this being Clay's first year. After the hurricane has passed, think of the stories he'll have to tell his kids someday! (When I was 21, my husband and I worked for a summer at a Christian camp in Panama City Beach, and a hurricane was forecast to hit us, and we were so excited. It ended up missing us, and all the staff was so disappointed. Ha! It's crazy what sounds appealing to you when you're young and invincible! ;) )

    1. Thank you! I know---for the students, they can just follow directions and be taken care of. I am so thankful for the school staff who are in charge. The dean of students just moved his wife and children into one of the dorms to be with the students throughout the storm. He felt that was the safest place for his family. :)