Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Birthday

Several days ago my family helped me celebrate my birthday.  It was a delightful day!  Julie did a super job of planning, preparing, and serving a Mexican fiesta.  The other children helped her, and everything was outstanding!

 The Happy Birthday banner--in Spanish.

 The festive table

 My favorite drink with cute decorations.

 The fabulous feast

 Thoughtful, pretty handmade gifts from Julie

 The birthday cupcakes

My new running shoes!

I began my day with an 8 mile run with Jimmy.  Then we rested while the kids prepared the birthday lunch.  Later that day we saw the movie Planes, and then we went out to Ichiban (Japanese restaurant) for supper.

It was a wonderful day, and I am so grateful for my wonderful family.  


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  2. Happy birthday! we may have a birthday right around the same time. Mine is Sept 25! I love the new pink shoes. I wanted to get new pink or bright orange running shoes last time I went to the store, but the ones that fit best are black with some pink and neon green trim. Alas!

    I also enjoyed hearing about your visit w/ olivia. I bet she LOVED having you there!