Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rotating Chores

In addition to helping with the house cleaning four days a week, my children have daily chores. These fall into two categories: fixed chores and rotating chores. The fixed chores are done by the same child everyday. These include things like making their bed, tidying their room, tidying the bathroom, taking out the trash, sorting dirty laundry, putting away clean laundry, and straightening an assigned room of the house. Rotating chores are those chores that each child keeps for just one week. I typed a chart with these chores and who is to do each one. Since I have 3 children rotating these chores, every 3 weeks they just repeat the rotation. Rotating chores include pet care (outside dogs, inside dog, cat), unload dishwasher (top, bottom, silverware), and van seating (this is not actually a chore, but the children have assigned seats in the van, changing their seats every week). Leah and Sam are in carseats which stay in the same spot.

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