Monday, February 10, 2014

Scripture Memory Box

I first blogged about my Scripture memory box about three or four years ago.  We are still using the box, and it has proved to be a successful tool for Scripture memorization for our family.

I found directions for making my box by conducting an online search.  At first I had my verses and card stock dividers inside a little plastic basket, but later I purchased a filing box, some 4 x 6 printable index cards, and tabbed dividers.  I used to print the Bible verses onto the card stock (which is perforated into four 4 x 6 cards), but now I just print the verse out on regular paper using a small font, and then I tape them onto the index cards.

Each week I choose and print out a new Bible verse for us to learn.  I alternate short verses with long passages which we learn 2-3 verses at a time.  Some of the longer passages my children have learned include Psalm 103, Psalm 91, Psalm 1, the Beatitudes, and Proverbs 31:10-31.  I print two copies of the week's verse:  one on regular sized paper to hang on the window beside our kitchen table and one smaller copy for the Scripture memory box.

We recite the verse 5 times each morning as we begin our Bible study time.  Since the verse hangs beside our kitchen table, it is is plain view to be read throughout the day.  On Fridays, the children copy the verse into their Bible memory notebook, which is just an inexpensive spiral bound notebook.  When my children were younger, I copied the verses for them.

When Olivia went to college last fall, I presented her with a journal that I had copied inside every single verse that she had memorized since she was in kindergarten. It took me a couple of months to copy all of those Scriptures!  I wanted her to have a copy of the verses that she had hidden in her heart for 13 years--and I wanted her to be able to review them from time to time so that she would not forget them.

Ok.  Here is the procedure for setting up your own Scripture memory box.  If my directions are not clear, then you can Google instructions.

Supplies Needed:
1 filing box (mine holds 4 x 6 inch index cards)
1 set of blank tabbed dividers (you need 39-41 total)
4 x 6 inch index cards


  1. Choose verses for you and your children to memorize.  
  2. Copy the verses you already have learned onto the index cards, one per card.  You can print onto the cards, print the verses on paper and then tape them on the cards, or just hand write them onto the cards.
  3. Label the tabbed dividers in this manner: 1-31, Daily, Even, Odd, and the days of the week--either Monday-Friday or you can include Saturday and Sunday too if you plan to drill on those days.  I just drill the Scriptures on Monday-Friday.
  4. Place the card with the Scripture that you are learning this week behind the Daily tab.
  5. Put last week's Scripture behind the Even tab.
  6. Place any other Scriptures that you have learned behind the Odd tab and the days of the week tabs.  If you have even more Scriptures already learned, begin placing them behind the days of the months tabs. (1-31).  For Daily, Even, Odd, and the Days of the Week tabs, just put one care per tab. 
  7. Each week create a new card for that week's Scripture.  Place the new card behind the Daily tab, and then move each card one tab back, until you get through the Friday tab.  Then take the card that is behind Friday, and put in behind the next blank numbered tab.  When all 31 tabs have a card behind them, begin putting the cards behind 1, 2, 3, etc. again.  Just keep distributing the cards evenly as the years go by.  
Daily Drilling:
Pick a time of day that is convenient for you, and drill your Scriptures daily.  Each day you will practice the Scriptures behind the following tabs:  Daily, Even or Odd (depending on whether the date is an even number or an odd number), the day of the week it is (Monday-Friday), and then the date (1-31) of the day.  So, you will be reciting at least 4 Scriptures a day when your box gets full.  As you learn more and more verses, you will have more cards behind the numbered tabs.  

This system really works.
My children can recall over 100 Bible passages--some short and some fairly long-- with very little prompting, just by using this simple system day in and day out.  I am so glad that I took the time to create my Scripture memory box a few years ago.  It takes me less than five minutes once a week to type up the week's memory verse, tape one copy to the window and the other smaller copy on an index card and put it in the box.  Then I take about 10 seconds and move the cards one tab back, and then we are ready to go!  It's really that simple.

Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You.
Psalm 119:11

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