Thursday, June 24, 2021

A Johnson Family Update

 So Sunshine left a comment asking about my family and our summer. That little nudge made me realize that yes, I do miss blogging. I still read blogs periodically, but I do spend a good bit of time listening to podcasts. Anyway, here is an update on our family.

We are all doing well!

  • Jimmy and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary on June 22. What a blessing to have been married 30 years to my best friend. 
  • Olivia and Brian are expecting their first baby in December. They still live super far away in Indiana--a 9 hour drive. I am so excited for them! She will find out next month if the the baby is a boy or a girl.
  • Julie and Big Sam are doing well with their two little girls, Mae 2.5 and Bea 10 months. Both girls' birthdays are in August. They live about 15 minutes from us. :) Julie has a garden and baby chickens, and I am looking forward to having fresh tomatoes. 
  • Clay is in pharmacy school at The University of Tennessee. He will begin his second year in August. He is also working part time this summer at Handy Man and is studying for the MCAT.
  • Leah will be a high school senior (how is that possible?) this fall. Leah has her driver's license now, and it is so nice to have an extra driver. She can drive herself and Sam to their XC practices and Bible studies now which is so nice! Leah has an Etsy shop called PaperCactusDesigns where she sells stickers and various other things that she designs and creates. 
  • Sam will be in 10th grade this fall. He is busy this summer working on engineering projects, yard work, and various outdoor activities. Both of them have already been to RYC, and they will attend another camp in July.
I have many, many projects planned this summer. Right now I am picking blueberries for 1-2 hours each day and also working on my "secret room" which is unfinished room off of Olivia's room. This is where I keep all my children's old toys (large and small), stuffed animals (thousands!), memorabilia, college stuff, dress up supplies (way too many!), old t-shirts they want to save, etc. When Olivia, Julie, and Clay were little, this room was cleared out enough that they could play in there, weather (temperature) permitting. Over the years as they have outgrown their toys and things, I stored all of it in this secret room with the intention of getting it out for my grandchildren. Well now that that time is here, I realize that I kept way too much! So I am purging and organizing with the hopes of clearing it out enough for Mae and Bea and future grandchildren to be able to play in there when it's not too hot or cold. I am pulling out all of the children's boxes of "things they want to save" for them to go through and either take it to their houses or get rid of some of it. I am willing to store 2-3 boxes for each child, but not 12! Julie cleaned out the secret room 4 years ago, and I tidied it a little bit 3 years ago, but since that time way too much stuff has been dumped in there. I failed to take before pictures, but I may take some "in progress" pictures today. 

I hope all of you are having a good summer. 


  1. Thank you for the update. I always enjoy your posts!

  2. Love seeing an update! I have loved following your family throughout the years!