Friday, July 31, 2009

The Preschool Activity List

I updated my preschool (and now Kindergarten) list of activities. These are the educational activities that I provide for Leah and Sam to do each school day. I start at the top of the list (which is posted on the wall in supply closet), pull out 4 activities, and place them on the floor or on the little table. Leah and Sam will play with these activities during our school day. I cross out each item as I use it. When I get to the bottom of the list, I print out another copy, tack it to the wall, and start over. As I reminded my readers last year, I did not acquire all of these activities recently! I have slowly collected these items over the last 11 years or so. Each summer I purchase 3 or 4 new things, and the children sometimes receive items on this list for birthday and Christmas gifts.

The List:

fun noodles
Lauri puzzles (I have several of these, I will put out 3 or 4)
cut lines on paper
tong pick-up
letter magnets
dress the bear puzzle
geo blocks
wooden bead sequencing
counting bears
pattern blocks
nuts and bolts
Mr. Potato Head
popsicle sticks/glue
foam blocks
24 piece puzzle (I have a few of these too)
wooden beads
stacking pegs
beads and pipe cleaners
flower arranging
watercolor painting
sponge, water, bowls
ABC floor puzzle
lacing cards
plastic buttons
Cuisenaire rods
new pattern blocks
pom poms/clothespins
ring builders
woodkin dolls
dry erase board
fit a space
garden beads
magnet boards
play doh
painting at easel
water dropper/bowls
preschool puzzles
Leap Pad
number peg puzzle
sequence cards
soft beads
Mighty Mind pattern blocks
see and spell
Little People
form fitters
go together cards
large farm puzzle
lace and link letters
count the farm puzzle

If you have a question about any of these activities, just leave a comment!
Happy Schooling!


  1. Roan - thanks so much for the info. I plan to print it out and start collecting some of these things when I'm out at the Goodwill/Garage Sales, etc. and start using what I have in the way you mention!

  2. Hi-
    I really like this idea. Could you explain a couple of these activities?
    flower arranging?, ring builders,and garden beads? Also How long do you allow for these activities? Thanks so much!

  3. Do you introduce how to do an activity or just expect exploration?